What is a Specially Adaptive Housing Grant?

(SAH) Specially Adaptive Housing Grants

Owning a home that we love and find comfortable is a dream that most everyone has.  A place to lay your head, eat your meals, raise your family and make memories.  Across the board everyone wants a safe, comfortable and beautiful home.

With dignity and honor our servicemen and woman do their duty and offer themselves tirelessly to the cause.  Honor comes in many forms, providing them with a place to rest their head and live a life that is tailored to their specific needs, is the absolute very least we can do.

The SAH Grants make it possible for veteran’s injured in combat to maintain their independence and live their lives with respect, dignity and honor.  These VA grants enable eligible servicemen and servicewoman to find a home that is specifically designed and adapted to their personal needs.

These specialty grants for those individuals who are entitled to compensation for permanent and total disabilities can be offered for the construction of a home.  These new homes can provide ease and design intelligence tailored to the Warrior’s disability.  If this type of situation is not possible this grant can also be used for finding and acquiring a home that is already existing and modifying it to suit the needs of the disabled person, whether it needs to be a complete rehab or partial modifications.

This type of grant is applied to the mortgage main balance for the construction, modification or complete remodel of a home for disabled veterans.  These grants are a necessary process in the step of donating a home to a veteran.

There is an application process that needs to be completed at www.benefits.gov to be considered for this type of grant.  You can also get more information by visiting www.ebenefits.va.gov .

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