Cooking for warriors

Nothing says we love our Warriors more than a home-cooked meal!

Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering for the Houses for Warriors ‘Cooking for Warriors’ meal program!  Participation in this program will make a direct impact on a Veteran’s life.   We get our Warriors off the streets, and your homemade meals help to make them feel at home while they go through this transition process! We are very grateful for you and the home-cooked meal you’re providing to our transitioning veterans. Our Warriors appreciate the love that our community shows them. 


Sign up to commit to providing a meal on a day this month. Please only sign up if you are 100% committed to delivering a Warrior House meal. 


Anyone can sign up to cook a dinner for the house and deliver to our Warriors M-F. Meals need to be large enough to feed 9 veterans  and delivered to our Warrior House within our drop-off window. 4:00pm-6:00pm. Dinners can be cooked and ready to eat, or prepared for the oven with cooking/warming instructions. This is a home-cooked meal to remind our warriors that our community loves and cares about their well-being; so no take-out please! The quality of your donations represent how you feel about the warriors who served and their sacrifice for our country. Complete instructions will be provided via email once your application is reviewed.





Every dollar matters! 

Support our efforts to end veteran homelessness

100% of our donations support our Warrior House Program, Utility Bills, Household Goods, Food and Activities, and our Warriors who do not qualify for financial assistance. 

Before you go…


You can help homeless veterans get off the street and lead a safe, self-sufficient, and healthy life.


Houses For Warriors strives to improve the quality of life for disabled veterans. Every donation makes a world of difference.