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Warrior Transitional Homes

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Coolaberative Living Group Homes

Giving our Warriors a hand-UP. Not a hand-out!

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Serving Warriors in the Mile High City

Welcome Home Warriors!

Since our inception in 2019, we have provided a wide variety of specialized services and resources to our injured and homeless military veterans based on their needs in ColoradoOur organization has been actively engaged in assisting injured warriors with essential home repairs and renovations to meet their disability needs with the help of our amazing charity partners and volunteers. When we’re not helping these injured Warriors feel comfortable in their homes again, we’re assisting our most vulnerable homeless warriors get off the streets and helping them secure safe and affordable housing construction training and connection to resources.


We are securing homes that will be specifically set up for Veterans. Our veteran and VA housing provides residential care homes and group homes for both men and women [disabled and non-disabled Veterans]. We work directly with the VA and all veteran service providers, case managers and veteran outreach specialists to ensure that our servicemen and women are provided with quality and safe housing. We provide group home and transitional living – residential care homes for Veterans of the armed forces throughout Denver County, Colorado. Our properties and services are of the highest caliber in our state and local area due to our commitment to safe, affordable, and all-inclusive living environments.



Homeless veterans
in CO

Veterans are 5X more likely to commit suicide if they experience homelessness


Veteran Suicide Victims Experienced Homelessness


According to HUD

Homeless Transition Program

Homeless Transition Program

A residential program in Denver, CO that houses veterans of the U.S. Armed Services who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

House Buying Program

House Buying Program

We buy houses – all kinds of houses and then use our skilled team to turn these homes into VA-approved houses for Veteran home-buyers!

Warrior Rehab Day

Warrior Rehab Day

Warrior Rehab Days happen throughout the year and we can always use the help of volunteers and sponsors to join our remodeling teams!

Warrior Film Festival

Warrior Film Festival

Join us for the first annual Warrior Film Festival from November 11-15, 2020. Screen films, hand out prizes, and raise awareness about veteran homelessness.

Veteran Mentorship Program

Warrior NOW Mentors

For our Veterans there is nothing like connecting with and relying on a fellow Veteran. Warrior NOW mentor program is connecting Veterans to a network of fellow Veterans who can provide support, advice, or simply a listening ear. Mentors may act as a coach, guide, role model, advocate, recovery support, mental health support, life support, or just simply an ally.

Being a mentor is simply about being there for a fellow Veteran. It is about making sure no Veteran feels alone, in a way that only a fellow Veteran can.

Mentoring is Peer Support, which is a key factor in helping people through crisis. Mentors are also key in assisting with developing necessary navigation and survival skills, adjusting to civilian life, and in improving quality of everyday lives.

Become A Landlord Partner

Our Homeless Warriors are the MOST vulnerable population in the veteran community and are five-times more likely to commit suicide. Public shelters are a great community resource, however many of our veterans have difficulty utilizing them due to issues with PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and shelter issues like public drug consumption, theft of personal property, serious mentally ill and violent offenders residing in these shelters. We want to work with landlords, property investors and donors to provide the safe and caring environment our Warriors deserve so they may successfully transition with people who love and care about them and support a higher quality of life. 


Not only will they have the freedom and relief to search for jobs, we want to add value to their lives again by offering and making readily available different construction and woodworking training through our partners at the Colorado Home Building Academy. 


who we are

About us

Houses for Warriors is a tax-exempt 501©(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting our nation’s military veterans who are in need. 

It is our honor to serve our Warriors that have sacrificed so much for our country.



Thanks to our partners at the Colorado Home Building Academy our Warriors have access to FREE Construction Boot Camp, OSHA Certifications and receive $200 in tools upon graduation! Once boot camp is complete they have access to additional training in Electrical, Carpentry, Concrete, Construction Management and Estimating. We help our Warriors utilize their Chapter 31 Vocational Retraining Benefits to cover the costs of these additional certifications. 


Products Coming Soon!

Thanks to our newest Charity Partner, we will be able to manufacture our own custom Cabinetry and wood products cut with our very own CNC Machine Router donated by CNC FACTORY, USA. We will have our new Woodshop up and running in July 2022!

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Interested in Becoming a Charity Partner?

Charity Partners provides the funding we need

All Charity Partners become part of the HFW Family and our Mission, becomes your Mission!

Your contributions directly support our Warrior House

The Warrior House will house up to 25 veterans while they transition off the streets and into permanent housing. The VA takes approximately 8-12 weeks to secure their permanent housing through the Veteran Affairs HUD-VASH

Providing a Safe and Caring Environment

You help us eliminate the shelter from our Warrior’s transition process. Veterans are five times more likely to commit suicide if they are homeless. The shelter is no place for our veterans. In the Warrior House, Veterans have a place to call home while they wait for their HUD-VASH to process. 

Helping Warriors Obtain Permanent Housing

Once the VA processes their HUD-VASH and secures housing for our Warriors, we help them move into their new apartment! We organize furniture donations, beds, and all of the things they need to make their new home, their own.  Not only do they have a new home, they will have new skills and everything they need to stay on their feet. We offer continued support for 24 months after a successful transition.

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Warrior Home renovations

Volunteer Home Repairs For Injured Warriors

Delbert Stracener is an Army Veteran who was diagnosed with spinal cancer in 2016. Delbert’s home was in dire need of major home repairs and could not afford the cost to fix his home. With holes in the roof, broken skylights, no accessibility and mold spreading throughout the house, we expanded our services to organize a much needed home renovation with community support and volunteers!


With the help of local business like Valor Roofing and Solar, Velux, CO Clean-Up Services, Kycor Plumbing, Waste Connections Colorado and many more, we provided a $97,000 home renovation in just under 5 weeks with only volunteers!


Local businesses got involved and sponsored/volunteered

Over 300 Volunteer Hours


In-Kind Materials and Labor

5 Weeks 

Are you a U.S veteran in need of housing assistance?

Are you a veteran struggling with homelessness? Houses for Warriors can Help!

Join us on a Construction Project!

Join us as we remodel & adapt the home of a disabled veteran to fit his or her needs.

Interested in Donating a Home?

We facilitate real estate donations! Nothing gives our organization more power than adding a home to our inventory. every home helps dozens of veterans every year!
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100% of our recurring donations support our Warrior House Program, Utility Bills, Household Goods, Food and Activities, and our Warriors who do not qualify for financial assistance. 

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You can help homeless veterans get off the street and lead a safe, self-sufficient, and healthy life.


Houses For Warriors strives to improve the quality of life for disabled veterans. Every donation makes a world of difference.