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Veterans - are you in need of a change of pace?

The Warrior House is an intense transitional program designed to help veterans of the U.S. Armed Services that have been or are in peril of being homeless due to struggling with alcohol, drug abuse or any other life-controlling problems. We are a veteran-run holistic program designed to help our warriors realize that they can achieve spiritual and life changing success if they are properly disciplined.


  • You are a veteran of the United States Armed Forces
  • You are willing to fully commit to the program and follow all rules and codes of conduct
  • You are ready to transform your life and live it to your fullest potential
    • This is not a decision to be entered into lightly as it will require much diligence and commitment on your part.

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in being added to our waiting list, here is what we will need from you:

  • Fully completed Housing Application (Download Below)
  • Agree to all House Rules and Warrior Commitments
  • Your Form DD 214, your certification of discharge (we accept ALL discharges on a case-by-case basis)
  • All waiver forms signed and completed
  • A copy of your medical records, alternatively the most recent entries will suffice
  • Any photographs of you (current and/or in service)
  • One or more letters of recommendation from your case worker or family/friend
  • No Violent Crimes or Crimes against Children

Download, complete and submit  your application.

Submit ALL requested documents

Only you can take the first step towards a successful transition back to self-sufficiency and independence.

Complete your Free Housing application and get on our waiting list today!

Fill out the application form below so that the Houses for Warriors team can better learn how to help you get back on your feet! Please download and submit your goals from our Goal Setting Guide (if you are able).

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Are you a veteran at risk of losing your home? Schedule your free 15-minute phone or zoom consultation with our dedicated team to receive advice on what you can do next. You have options and you are not alone. Although we cannot provide legal advice, we can connect you to our trusted network of veteran advocates for VA benefits and resources. Applying for benefits can be an exhausting task that if avoided too long, can lead to severe financial struggle and hardship, homelessness and isolation.
Don’t let life-controlling bumps in the road lead you off your path towards success and achieving your highest level of potential. Let us help!

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Additional program information

The Warrior House Program is an intense holistic program aimed at establishing a person in Professional disciplines that will help the individual live a successful life. During the course of the program, the Warrior will have performed more than 50 hours of work therapy and service projects within our local community and will have participated in a minimum of 3 workshops per month. Daily meditation, Spiritual practice and exercise are strongly encouraged. If necessary, Warrior will be enrolled in additional classes, possibly at their own expense, which include but are not limited to Anger Management, Character Training and Goals Achievement.

Once a person has decided to come into the Warrior House Program (WHP), intake procedures can begin. Intake Staff will ask the applicant the questions listed on the qualifications section below. If their answers show that they are ready to begin the program then the paperwork procedure can start.

The intake process involves going over the program with the applicant, assisting with filling out the application, explaining the program’s mission statement and rules, and making sure the applicants understand their commitment. Intake Staff must obtain as much information as possible from the applicant to better evaluate the potential Warriors’ situation.

Prior to moving into the Center, the Warrior will be responsible for laundering their personal clothing. No outside bedding will be brought into the Center. Each Warrior will have access to a locker or footlocker for their personal belongings. Warriors are only allowed to bring into the Center items that fit into the locker or footlocker. The Center will not provide storage space for any personal belongings.

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