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Veterans - do you require an adaptive home suited to your needs?

In order to apply for a new home or modifications to your existing home, there are a few things we will need you to provide. Below we have listed these for you, then gone into more detail as to what you should expect from this process. This is what we need from you:

  • A fully completed application form
  • Form DD 214, your certification of honorable discharge
  • SAH VA Grant Eligibility: Veteran Affairs Special Adaptive Housing Grant Eligibility Letter
  • Any photographic evidence to help your claim
  • One or more letters of recommendation from your case worker, family members, or friends

What to Expect


Houses for Warriors is a full Real Estate Service which provides custom home solutions for injured veterans. We aim to help veterans live a higher quality of life by providing wheelchair accessible upgrades and special adaptive technology to injured veterans’ homes.


Once you have submitted your completed application, we will get in touch with you once your case has been processed. You are welcome to email us before this time to check that we have received your forms – but we do experience a high volume of applicants so it can take a few weeks for us to get to you. Please be patient.


We evaluate every case based on individual merits and operate a full anti-discrimination policy. All injured veterans are warriors in our eyes...and all of them deserve a VA approved custom home to meet their needs for their disability.


Fill out your application and get started today!


Fill out the ADAPTIVE HOUSING application

Fill out the form below so that the Houses for Warriors team can help you get the adaptive housing you need.

Fill out the ADAPTIVE HOUSING application

Fill out the form below so that the Houses for Warriors team can help you get the adaptive housing you need.

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Homeless Assistance

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Homeless or At-Risk of becoming Homeless

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Affordable Housing Options

Qualified or will be qualified to use the $0 Down VA Home Loan

Lives In United States

Currently does not own a home

No longer homeless or a non-risk of becoming homeless

Foreclosure/Eviction Assistance

Losing or at-risk of losing current home

Lives In United States

More than 30 days from foreclosure/eviction date

Are you a veteran at risk of losing your home? Schedule your free 30-minute phone consultation with our dedicated team to receive advice on what you can do next. You have options and you are not alone. Although we cannot provide legal advice, we can connect you to our trusted network of veteran advocates for VA benefits and resources. Applying for benefits can be an exhausting task that if avoided too long, can lead to severe financial struggle and hardship, homelessness and isolation. Don’t let life-controlling bumps in the road lead you off your path towards success and achieving your highest level of potential. Let us help!

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How an adaptive home can improve the lives of injured veterans

Owning a home is one of life’s greatest joys, the pleasure of sitting in your own living room and entertaining your family or friends over coffee or good food in your own kitchen brings tremendous pride to anyone who can do such. Adaptive homes are homes that are created and modified for Veterans of the United States Military. These modifications can be done on homes that are already existing, making them to suitable for Veterans or they can be brand new construction that is tailor made from the start to meet the needs of Veterans and their families.


For Veterans who are living without these types of home designs, the struggle in the daily grind of their lives can be further complicated. This can affect the overall quality of their lives in a range of areas of their lives and even the people around them who care and help support them. As they go about their lives, as we all do, they encounter everyday trials and tribulations, but without a resource of having a home that is adapted to their unique needs their life complications are compounded adding to the struggle, frustration and difficulties.


For injured and disabled veterans that served our country and sacrificed part of their lives for the greater good of America, who have done their duty, honored their country and protected its people, assisting them with a home that suits their physical needs is but a small drop in the bucket of honor we should bestow upon them.


The difficulties that a Veteran and their families live with can make It more challenging for them and their families to find comfort in a home that is not designed to meet their needs. Picture for a moment a home that has your typical door frame openings inside the house of ranges from 28” – 32” and having to maneuver a wheel chair through these narrow openings, around kitchen cabinets and other household design objects can be challenging as well as exhausting in a place you are supposed to call home. Stairs can be a problem, height of countertops, the way the draws open and close. We should be proud to help out these citizens in their journey to homeownership of an adaptive home.


These adaptive homes are either modified or tailored made from a very specific design perspective that creates a comfortable, workable home environment for the Veteran life. Every aspect of the home from top to bottom that needs to be either modified or adapted is created in such a way that the Veteran can live a better life. Since this is what we all wish and hope to accomplish, these homes are a necessity.


By providing Veterans with a home that is tailored to their needs we bestow the honor and pride upon them that they are very much deserving of. This will allow them to give back by providing a place to call home that can provide them with the comfort that they so readily need. This allows them to lead lives that are efficient on time management in homes that are adapted to their lives, bringing happiness to them and those they care about.

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You can help homeless veterans get off the street and lead a safe, self-sufficient, and healthy life.


Houses For Warriors strives to improve the quality of life for disabled veterans. Every donation makes a world of difference.