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Warrior House Transitional Housing Program

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supporting warriors with a stable living environment

What is the Warrior House Program?

The Warrior House Program is a residential program in Denver, CO that houses veterans of the U.S. Armed Services who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless due to struggles with alcohol, drugs, or other life-controlling problems. The program is designed to help Warriors achieve success based on their behaviors and attitudes, encouraging Warriors to understand that the choices they make directly affect the benefits and rewards they receive in life.


We are a veteran-run holistic program designed to help our warriors realize that they can achieve spiritual and life-changing success if they are properly disciplined.


The vision of the Program is to produce graduates who are self-sufficient, successful, productive, and a functional part of society.


The mission of the Warrior House Program is to help, direct, and guide veterans into self-sufficient status while providing a safe and caring environment.

About the program

The Warrior House Program has been developed by Houses for Warriors, Inc. to give unique opportunities to military veterans who are homeless.  This program has been designed to help Warriors achieve success based on their behaviors and attitudes.  This method provides the Warrior who understands that the choices they make directly affect the benefits and rewards they receive in life.  Those who are not interested in progressing forward with healthy and positive choices will not reap the benefits and privileges that accompany those positive choices.


The Warrior House Program is a holistic approach to regain a place in society.  Meditation, exercise, yoga, outdoor recreation, life skills workshops,  job training, and other veteran programs will be reintroduced into the Warriors’ lives.


The Warrior House Program is designed in a holistic manner to strategically address three areas in the Warrior’s life and create balance: mind, body, and spirit.


All Warriors will enter the program at the Orientation Level.  The Warrior will have an opportunity to move forward to greater rewards and responsibilities based on the choices that the Warrior makes.  Life is a learning experience, which offers parallels; good choices bring about good consequences or rewards and bad choices bring about bad consequences or discipline.  This program has been designed to teach the Warriors that their destiny lies with the choices that they make.

phase 1 fundraising

Can you donate to help fund Phase 1 of the Warrior House Program?

Houses for Warriors is currently fundraising for Phase 1 of the Denver Warrior House Program. We are seeking donations to help us purchase the real estate that will become the Warrior House in Denver. Any donations are appreciated.


The Warrior House is an 8,000+ square foot private estate that will be the home to our House-Manager and 15-20 homeless veterans as they transition out of homelessness. The property will be the hub for our staff to help, direct, and guide veterans into self-sufficient status while providing a safe and caring environment.

There are over 1,000 homeless veterans in the Denver Metropolitan Area. In order to make a high impact and actually make a difference, we need a large enough space where our warriors feel comfortable and experience some level of privacy in a shared home of 15+ veterans. The space we are purchasing will have multiple kitchens and living areas, a game room, movie room, sufficient outdoor spaces and decks, as well as a therapeutic hot tub and a separate on-suite with private kitchen, bath and laundry for our House-Manger.


The estate we are considering also has sufficient land to build on, where we can implement Phase-2 of our project, a 3-D Printed Tiny-Home Community.

Our first Warrior house will be located in the Denver Metropolitan Area. We are currently exploring potential options in Morrison, Golden and Englewood, Colorado.

We intend to purchase a 2nd House for our female veterans in the Denver Metro area before we expand to Colorado Springs, CO. Once we have some momentum, we can explore expansion to other major cities around the country.

Our organization is very confident in the structure of our program and its’ development since our inception in March of 2019. We have recruited the help of Passageways, LTD. They have graciously provided the foundation for our success by assisting in our program development and implementation. Passageways has successfully transitioned over 100 homeless veterans since 2015.

Our organization was founded by veterans who understand the complications of war, PTSD, and the difficulties in obtaining VA benefits. Our country has a major problem: with veteran suicide rates over 22 per day, and more than 50% were homeless or facing homelessness or other financial struggles.


In a Yale News article: “Veterans with a history of homelessness are five times more likely to attempt suicide than other veterans, a new study by researchers at Yale and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has found.

The authors argue in the study, published April 2 in the journal Psychiatric Services, that funding for homeless programs for veterans is crucial to efforts to reduce suicide rates among veterans.” Bill Hathaway, 4/2/2018.

The easiest and best way to support our program is by committing to a monthly donation of just $22.00 per month and help us spread the word about our mission. The first 1,000 monthly subscribers will receive a limited edition Warrior T-Shirt [only available to the first 1,000 donor -subscribers].


If you want to go above and beyond, you can make an additional contribution, donate property like houses, cars or boats; you can host an event or fundraiser, recruit monthly-subscribers, or donate your time, special skills or talents. If you think your skills could help our mission, please reach out and let us know what you have in mind.


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