Supporting homeless & injured veterans

About Houses for Warriors

Supporting those who have served

Our mission

Houses for Warriors strives to improve the quality of life for disabled and homeless veterans in need through adaptive housing and housing resources. We do this through:

  • The Warrior House transitional housing program
  • The Houses for Warriors House Buying Program
  • Recruiting our monthly Warrior Investors

Houses for Warriors is tax exempt 501©(3) nonprofit organization that aims to help injured veterans obtain suitable housing by providing transitional housing services and affordable housing options for our Warrior Graduates, veterans, and military families. We buy, fix, and sell VA-approved houses to our veterans and military families that are using their VA home loans, and use our profits to expand our homeless transition programs nationwide.

About the founder

Meet Andrew

Houses for Warriors was founded by Andrew Canales, an Iraq War Veteran who was diagnosed with PTSD after his first deployment in 2008. Andrew struggled with PTSD for seven years before an accident that broke his legs and nearly took his life– combined with struggling with homelessness himself– led him on a path of healing and ambition. He has been a personal advocate for veteran’s benefits and has assisted many with obtaining benefits for school, home loans, and disability claims. As an Ambassador for K9’s for Warriors, a nonprofit that provides service dogs to disabled veterans, since 2018, he continues to give back to the veteran Community any way he can.


With Houses for Warriors, Andrew coordinates with property owners, donors, community leaders, and business owners across the country to create strategic partnerships and opportunities that serve our veterans and those involved. His main goal is to improve the quality of life for every veteran who is struggling.

"I had a very rough transition back to civilian life when I was discharged from the military. My marriage ended, I lived on friend’s couches and was homeless all of 2015; I went years without dealing with my PTSD and mental health issues, using drugs and alcohol to mask my depression.

I have been like so many of our Warriors; lost and unsure where to begin to figure out the benefits and resources available to me as a veteran. It wasn’t until I broke my legs that I had to figure it out and get my life together. No veteran should go through this. So many vets are out on the streets with disabilities and no way to obtain benefits, and no cushion to get them through the obstacles that keep them homeless.

I started Houses for Warriors to make a bigger impact on our homeless veteran community and help these veterans transition and get their benefits."

Andrew Canales, Founder & President, Houses for warriors, inc.

Fire Up Your Guns!

On November 8th we’re hosting our First Annual Group Therapy Competitive Shooting Fundraiser at the Bristlecone Shooting, Training, & Retail Center in Lakewood, CO.


Join us for an afternoon of hitting targets & raising funds to support our veterans.

Before you go…


You can help homeless veterans get off the street and lead a safe, self-sufficient, and healthy life.


Houses For Warriors strives to improve the quality of life for disabled veterans. Every donation makes a world of difference.